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Posted on September 08, 2014 by AC Rino | 0 Comments

Im super happy to launch the Soylites candles here on Sooluxury! As a winner of Danish Beauty Award these wonderful candles just keep getting more and more fans. 

As soya melts at only 38 degrees the actual soya oil, once melted, can be used on the skin. Leave your candle on til it starts to melt and then gently pour a bit of soya on your hands and rub it in as a moisturiser. Be careful with the flame and the heat from it!!

Ive chosen to only stock 4 handpicked different candles at the time which suits the season we're in and the way they make you feel when lighting your candle. Their scents are mild, but will still be remembered when using the oil on skin.

As we're in September and Autumn is slowly taking over so Ive chosen the following 4 candles to give you an amazing feeling in the changing weather. 

Energize is a refreshing candle with spearmint, ginger, eucaluptus & peppermint which is lovely to use when getting a cold in autumn or after sports. 

Lavender is always a good reminder of the summer months just passed. I love lavender in autumn, its soo calming!

Detoxify has such a wonderful scent. I just can't get enough of this candle. Its refreshing, makes my home smell clean & leave my hands soft with this lovely smell of grapefruit, fennel and avocado to name a few.

Rejuvination is great if you need a energy boost and will calm your mind and make you happy. Lemongrass, Lavender & Lime is such a great combination and this is amongst my favourites for sure!! 


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